The Oasis Asylum

PhoenFX was there at Bahia’s 3rd Annual Scarehouse, The Oasis Sanitarium and Asylum for the Criminally Insane! We provided the special and lighting effects for this haunt, as well as both the teaser trailer and the introduction hallway trailer. Our design staff provided the concept, story board and design of the haunt, consulted in construction for the haunt, ticket and adverting design, and website design. We also handled all permitting, and interfacing with county and governmental personnel to ensure the event was fully in compliance.

The teaser trailer we did for the website we created for them.

The antechamber introduction video. A good introduction will set the story


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One of the many props and effects we did, this was the initial build of the monster in the box effect for the crematorium. We also supplied the 5′ tall twin Jacob’s ladders for the

electroshock therapy room, the automated rocking chair, and many others! it was a true pleasure to watch it all come together for such a good cause!